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Haven’t had time to properly update this blog, but just random ramblings that has been lingering in the back of my head. I’ve booked my first flight out to NYC (one way) and then out to London and conclude in good ol’ hamburg to pursue my goal as a future planner through Miami Ad School. I’m taking a huge leap of faith by doing this for multiple reasons:
– with the economy in the state its in, having been a victim of unemployment and knowing how grueling obtaining a job is, i’m giving up a secure, comfortable job to pursue my goal (however, not something for the long run).
– by doing the program in europe, it has its advantages and disadvantages.
Advantages: hopefully more job opportunities, ability to travel and experience europe, smaller classes, odd one out (rare to have an american on the program)
Disadvantages: i’m based in LA, it’s a relatively new program in hamburg (therefore less structure), connections would be european, more expensive, not many Americans from this branch

I’m hoping that taking the road less traveled just may pay off in the long run. I’m fortunate enough to have dual citizenship, so ease of employment in the EU/US is in my favor.

This blog will document my journey through thick and thin, and hopefully by the end, I’d have come out with something to show for.. like a job for starters..


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