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so it’s the start of the second week of MASE Bootcamp, what can I say, feels like I’ve been a local for ages. Loving my neighborhood although it’s quite close to the Repperbahn. It’s scattered with random hip trendy hotspots for artists and locals. Already found my favorite bars and cafes which coincidentally are about 10 steps from my front door.


As for the bootcamp itself, we’ve just scratched the surface for what Planning is all about. We’ve heard from Alison Segar who is now a freelance Strategic Brand Planning Consultant and now from Roger Poser who is a Chief Planner Officer at Ogilvy Germany.

Basically the first week was an intro… about the all-encompassing “planning” which is a considerably broad term that can morph into numerous career paths. The key is to know what type of planning you want, from the client side to being the 3rd wheel of the creative team. One of our first tasks was to create our ideal job description, and everyone’s varied. Pick the agency that fits you and what you represent.

We also learned the 5 types of research models: mind mapping, the onion, the key, the brand steering wheel, and the Big Ideal. All of which are used to gather thoughts and a point of view.

Recommended Books: The Five Dysfunctions of a Team, Organizing Genius ( Warren Bennis), The Art of War (Sun-tzu), Excellence in Advertising (Leslie Butterfield),  Herd (Mark Earls), Lovemarks (Kevin Roberts), Space Race (Jim Taylor), Eating the Big Fish (Adam Morgan)


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