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today we were graced with a creative’s presence to give the planner’s a different take on concepts.

Gerrit Kleinfeld, a freelancer now, but has been a copywriter for the past 15 yrs in such agencies as BBDO.

the crux of the class was to understand the different levels of an idea… from the concept to the campaign to the slogan (and ads). A good creative brief can be spot on from the start if it instantly jump starts the creatives’ to get their ideas flowing.  For instance, on a past VW campaign example, they were to promote a new safety feature, the concept created was something along the lines of “danger is no longer from the road.” It was brilliant, because creatives were able to pull ideas from that one line and came up with print ads such as a plumber bent over fixed the piping while be stared at by the gay house owner, or a landlord putting up an antenna on the roof with a lighting storm brewing in the background, and lastly, a window cleaner who accidentally witnesses a mafia killing and is being stared at.

We were given the task to come up with a concept (which is beyond the briefing line) for T-mobile and the “my fav 5” calling option. After a bit of mind-mapping and brainstorming our group came up with 3 concept lines:

– the gift that keeps on giving

– love pentagram

– choose your fav’s wisely

The last concept seemed to be most ideal, because ideas began to pop up. Any scenario from regretting to add your new friend to your fav 5 and having them annoy the hell out of you to a bootcamp contestant show where the contenders are fighting to be “5 worthy.”

All in all, it was a great workshop to take on a bit of creative thinking.

on a side note, random ads:

a classic tabasco ad that stuck with me and came across after a few years.. wonder why

pure genius.


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