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With every passing day, I’m loving Hamburg more and more. Of course at first I was quite skeptical of living two blocks away from the infamous Reeperbahn (one of the largest red light districts in Europe apart from Amsterdam.

Seems like every corner lurks a dingy cafe which ultimately becomes the most personality filled atmosphere as soon as you step foot through the doorway. The local art is amazing, the clubs are made for locals with no sign of a pretentious snobs, no strict dress codes, no bank breaking prices, just people who love music.

best thing about big cities in europe, always something going on, if it’s not a insignificant but amazing flea market, it’s a national event.

For instance, today I was able to push myself out of bed and tumble across the street to meet my roommate for a quaint breakfast at our local cafe (mimosa), sipping kaffe and chatting about life under the warming rays of a lazy sunday. Then of course we bump into some friends randomly and chat up a storm. We decide it’s a great day to do soemthing so of course we grab our bikes (Rosey and Purple Urple) to meet up other random MASEers’ at the Germany Open (largest tennis competition in the country). We watch a few main course matches, eat some scrumptious grillwurstz, and make our way to the river. There we proceed to come across 4 very different but very relaxing “beach clubs” (basically bringing the beach to the river side with sand, huts, tropical cocktails, etc). Despite the rain, we still managed to pull in some sun. Just a typical priceless unplanned day in Germany. I can not get tired of this lifestyle.

On a side note, quite excited to hear from our guest speaker Alexander Shaprio (bussiness developer of Spotify) tomorrow. I kid you not, Spotify will be the future of music, and I’m glad to experience the forefront of this coming revolution.  Also quite thrilled to be visiting the Jon von Matt agency on wedsnesday, it’d be good to get a first hand look at a German advertising environment.

Some random photos compliments of Johan and Emmet.







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