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Today we had a guest speaker, Alexander Shapiro, the business developer of the new up and coming Spotify. A new free music program that I feel will take the industry by storm.

Basically to sum up why it stands apart from other programs is how the business model was built. Spotify deals with legalities before posting music. Not only do they have a rapidly growing music base with over 7 million songs at this point, but much support from huge artists such as U2, coldplay, just to name a few. This program is extremely fast streaming (surprisingly), has great sound quality, fast forward/rewind capabilities, and easy customizable playlists. What sets Spotify apart is thier ability to integrate this into mobiles and eventually mp3 players. We will no longer have to download, share, steal, pirate, organize songs. It’ll be all at the finger tips.

Will be able to give this program a try and let you know if it lives up to my expectations. But if this program lives up to the hype, there will be no doubt you will see it in the states in the next few years. Be on the look out.


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