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so been pretty occupied working on McDonald’s / GAK / T-mobile / DMAX campaigns, but have been making headway in all. Pretty excited to see some finished products. For McD’s, we going with the “game to fame” road surrounding the core products with the end goal being…


basically a series of games starting with the rolling of dice against the McD’s cashier to Wipeout to Schlag den Raab. It has the hook, the basic insight that McD’s is on your team, and the long term goal, so we’re feeling pretty optimistic about this campaign. Now it’s just down to the execution.

Did my first shoot today to help out some 8th quarters with their Chupa Chups campaign. Was pretty fun. Got to pretend to be a world renown professional Japanese lollipop sculptor. In other words I could transform a Chupa Chup lollipop into anything my heart desired in a matter of minutes (i.e. a ferrari). Will post the finish project, kind of exited to see how it turns out.


Hamburg has been graciously rewarding us with beautiful weather in the past few days, although much has been spent indoors contemplating insights, propositions, summaries. Great…

Did get a chance to visit the Vicious Gallery down my block to see Nunca’s exhibit. Pretty awesome pieces, all averaging 1k (even for his scribbles). In case you don’t know Nunca, he’s a pretty renown Brasilian urban artist who uses detailed lines for shadowing and texture.


Since we’ve been focusing so much on fast food wars, here’s an awesome illustration representation of their personalities.

Current audio addiction (Van She):


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