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this video boggles the mind. Where does the future of advertising lie? you guessed it, social media.
How can a tweet affect a multimillion dollar industry?
Well, here’s an article about the changing environment of how the outcome of movies can be influenced in a matter of hours.

it’s a scary thought that social media has taken the world and our lives by storm, and it all happened in a matter of months! If movie outcomes can be determined by twitter, won’t that affect the security of jobs as a critic? Who really listens to critics now when they can rely on their peers. This is just one industry, imagine what’s next, nothing is safe. We are at the mercy of social media, addicted to this new drug, all we can do is tailor ourselves and the way we think to satisfy this monster. The future is as per my previous entry.. unpredictable.

Halarious commercial… thanks to Emmet’s blog


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