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These past few days got me thinking about how the term unpredictable can be so strong. For starters, the weather has been haywire. Started off the day enjoying breakfast at our local cafe under the warming rays of the sun only to be suddenly frozen by bitter wind then to top it off a slap in the face by fat juicy rain drops. Take that and repeat every hour: hot, cold, wet. Although that didn’t stop me from having one of the best days in Hamburg.
The day itself was quite unpredictable.
Starting with the usual traditional Cafe Mimosa breakfast, the rest was unplanned but fantastic.
Just a quick recap: watched a red-bull diving competition, stumbled onto a great curry-wurst restaurant, wondered around some awe provoking hidden local art exhibits, enjoyed a scrumptious stomach stuffing burger (said to rival our local joint), had an outer body experience in a campus suite restroom (included golden antlers, birds chirping, the dyson blade), strolled through the Alster festival, watched a memorable tarentino film only to be greeted outside by one of the most extravagant displays of fireworks i’ve ever seen (and i’ve seen quite a few), quenched my thirst at our local watering-hole with familiar faces, and topped off the evening with a never disappointing kebab.

This leads me to my current thought of unpredictability, what exactly will happen after the next two weeks. Where will I be? What will I be doing? That will be the turning point that I feared when I started this blog, and it’s quickly creeping up. All I can say is that I’m aiming to do everything in my powers to continue this expedition and prolong an unpredictable lifestyle (with boundaries and goals of course). Wherever it takes me, all I can say I’m welcoming it with arms wide open.


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