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Just watched “Big” again (like 100th time) and it made me think how far movies have come, but how much movies have digressed too. Movies used to have magic, be able to strike you on a emotional level instead of awing the audience with huge explosions or CGI technology. So what did they rely on? A great story line. The art was in the story told. Movies were simple, heart-felt, optimistic. I’m talking about the movies I grew up with, Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, Groundhog Day, Big, Back to the Future Trilogy, Indiana Jones, Breakfast Club, etc. Yes of course there was some cool special effects at that time, but the creativity in the stories were just amazing.
Now it just seems like movies are scattered everywhere, from loads of re-makes, focusing on hardships, relationship break ups, divorces, survival, etc. Just seems to be losing a bit of originality. The only things that make great movies these days are the WAY the story is told, how great the cinematography is, the style, the out of the box thinking, breath taking effects, etc.

bring back the magic!


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