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So after 3 months of planning and attempting to make it to Miniatur Wunderland, I can finally cross it off my list of to-do activities in Hamburg. To be honest, I wasn’t sure what to expect when I was first asked to go. A large room with miniature people and little buildings was all that crossed my mind. Wasn’t too enthusiastic, but eventually I made an effort.

I must say, I was speechless. This place is massive and is continually growing. They have countries from Germany, Switzerland, Norway, Sweden, even the US (Vegas, Grand Canyon, etc.). The more I uncovered, the more ecstatic I became. It’s a never-ending project development with an Airport on the way and the expansion of even more countries.

Located around the exhibit were interactive buttons that would initiate some sort of buzzing action, whether it be a jostle between crowds to a DJ BoBo concert of thousands cheering and dancing. Also, within 20 minute intervals, the lighting would mimic a 24 hour day, from sunset to sunrise. The best part of Miniaturland was their subtle humor in the thousands of little scenarios. If you squint closely, you’d be able to find everything from Superman flying around to a bank getting robbed.
I just can’t imagine the man-hours put into this Wunderland. This is truly a magical place (beats out Disneyland in my books).

The largest model railway in the world and one of the most successful permanent exhibitions in Northern Germany.”

Side note: Hamburg dropped about 20 degrees in the span of a week. Summer has officially left the building, but I’m welcoming autumn with arms wide open. Still loving this city.


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