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A recent campaign developed by DDB Stockholm to encourage a change in lazy behavior. A creative way to interact and engage the public by showing the fun side of being responsible. There were two installations: a staircase designed to look and sound like a piano and a trash bin that sounds like the litter falls a good 50 ft before hitting the bottom.

Thought this was brilliant. This campaign revolves around the idea that making something fun can change people’s behaviors. For instance, being responsible can also be fun, like driving an environmentally friendly VW. There’s room for all types of installations to be made to encourage a positive change in life. A third installation is being developed to make recycling more enjoyable. Wish everything responsible was just as much fun, like taking out the trash. Maybe install a slide down to the basement, now THAT would be FUN!

on a side note: another observation, trash chutes are not common what so ever in Hamburg. Man, we had it easy in California. Now I have to carry the trash down 4 flights of stairs and go outside in the cold, at least you get your blood pumping and lose those extra calories! no wonder Europeans are slimmer.

The Fun Theory.


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