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List of random daily observations jotted down during my first few months in Hamburg:

  • FC St Pauli shirts are a fashion trend and a way of showing their support for the St Pauli way of life
  • Majority of dogs in Hamburg (Europe actually) don’t have leashes and are quite obedient
  • Locals don’t tend to cross the street unless the light is green
  • There’s always some event going on at St. Pauli whether it be an art festival, carnival, music festival, football game, etc.
  • Creative personalities have so much more to share about everything
  • Everyone in MASE has their own unique style
  • When purchasing fruit or vegetables at large markets, be sure to weigh in and print out sticker before checking out, locals don’t like tourists making them wait
  • It doesn’t just drizzle here, it pours where as London just spits
  • Europeans definitely consume more alcohol than Americans
  • Hamburg is quite art driven, specifically St Pauli
  • Although ad students spend a good amount of time at school, only about 50% is productive
  • Around 85% of the Europeans I’ve met smoke cigarettes
  • Planning has no clear description
  • Planners are perceived to be intelligent and well-rounded
  • MACs are easily the dominant choice of laptops for creatives
  • Pace of life in Germany is much slower than California
  • Hamburg is quite a biker friendly community, every sidewalk has a specific bike path
  • Drinking alcohol in public is quite prevalent
  • Public transport employees don’t cut you slack, even if you’re a tourist
  • Restaurants don’t have any signs of quality (i.e. in the states you’re required to display your health grade)
  • When you ask for water, most assume you mean with gas
  • Doner kababs are popular, delicious, and cheap alternatives to fast foods, they shall be missed.
  • Burping and spitting are cultural taboos, it is extremely rude
  • Much of the district (i.e. St Pauli) is involved when it has to do with football, they huddle at all near by bars
  • danish people wear bright colors and man purses (based on the danes i met at MASE)
  • Hamburg has the most annoying bees in the world
  • Lady bugs are prevalent during the summer
  • The forecast is not predictable, therefore don’t trust the weather man
  • Locals know when a storm is coming because they start running for cover while its still sunny, 2 minutes later it begins to hail
  • Most club music revolves around electronic and techno
  • People don’t dance, they just vibrate to the beat of electronic music
  • It’s difficult for Germans to pronounce the “th” sound in english words
  • Germans are very cautious when it comes to recycling, because they can get money back at almost any corner. You get 25 cents for one large plastic bottle! that’s a lot!
  • Eggs here are brown where as they’re mostly white in the states
  • It’s taboo to use the toilet for number 1 usage while standing up, even in public toilets
  • Mullets are considered acceptable and somewhat a trend for youth here

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