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What is a moment?
Well by definition it’s “a very brief period of time.” Well I guess I’d define it as a temporary mental photo that is “beyond the senses.”
Been thinking a lot lately about all the moments in life that led me to where I am today and realized all my actions and reactions, however insignificant, played a role. Although right now it feels pretty stagnant, still trying to enjoy all the last moments in Hamburg and excited to see what new moments will arise! Aside from it being freezing and having no winter clothes with me, it’s a beautiful site to see. Don’t want to sound all philosophical, but life is pretty much a compilation of accumulated moments. So there’s no reason to treat one moment with to much emphasis over another, because the moments won’t stop coming! Just take it as is and move on. I guess life would be more enjoyable

Here’s a brilliant video celebrating the moments in life that got me thinking. However trifle an action may feel, it could potentially lead to life changing events.

I’m sounding all pro-life, which I have no problem with, but definitely embrace the present and welcome the future.


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