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As I was reading somewhere, an interesting point struck me. Movies are one of the few luxuries available to the general public that charge a single price for a product that constantly has a drastic change in the value of production.
For instance the production cost for “Blair Witch Project” was around $25,000 where as for “Pirates of the Carribean: At World’s End” was budgeted at $300 million. However the cost for that one movie ticket to indulge in a cinematic experience was always constant. Although ticket prices have inflated since the time I recall paying $3.25, (I know, it goes even lower) it still has been worth the trip. I guess big budget movies have a lot of pressure to produce profit, but in the case of “Pirates of the Carribean: At World’s End” it didn’t seem like a problem, they posted close to a BILLION in gross revenues, unbelievable. There is too much money in Hollywood, they need to share the wealth.

So next time I buy an overpriced movie ticket, I’ll try to comfort myself knowing that I’m about to partake in a $300 million dollar experience or just another means to escape reality for 2 hours.

How many things can you think of that can be compared to a movie ticket?


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