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Never heard this song, but glad I stumbled upon it. LA, home sweet home, it’s a bitter sweet relationship. It’s videos like this that make me wish I carried my guitar everywhere I go, o how I miss it.

However main stream or beloved John Mayer is, I still very much admire his raw talent. His passion for the guitar and hazy voice has not gotten lost on his path to fame. He’s a musician that doesn’t deviate to far from what made him known, yet is able to continually surprise listeners with new twists.

The challenge within the music industry is to be able to appeal to your audience without boring them with the same melodies and rhythms, but not experimenting to much with a different sound. The balance needs to be there in order for them to stand the test of time. I’ve seen it one to many times where great bands withered and disappeared. They try to make a come-back, but by that time their fans have already moved onto new bands or genres. Many bands hit their peak and get carried away. They just focus on taking the high road until they realize their sound is wearing thin. Next thing you know, they become just another one-hit wonder.

If one is to survive time: Don’t get greedy and attempt to round in millions more by altering your personality, don’t become complacent with mediocrity, know your limitations, and have passion. The key is to continually do your job. Provide your fans with the music they love. Know why they fell in love with your sound in the first place and play with it, but know who you appeal to. Most importantly, age gracefully.

I guess this can be applied to various industries, but has an especially strong relationship to advertising. No one campaign can run for years and still expect to be the top of the list. No matter how attractive or ingenious the ad or idea was, you best be thinking about what’s next before the ride is over. Everything is evolving so quickly that there is no time to stop and gloat in the spotlight. Brands, consumers, advertisers all better jump on board or be left behind.

Listen to that sick break down solo.


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