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Been running about from Amsterdam to London and now back home in LA. Been fighting jet leg and recovering from a 16 hour flight. However, did have a chance to meet with JWT, W&K, and Mother in London. Got some good insights into how W&K actually runs their process. It’s a very integrated process where all disciplines work together from start until end. Obviously it creates a slightly chaotic atmosphere, but this is the type of process I admire. It runs quite similarly to how we Miami Ad School students approached our projects. Of course there were ups and downs, but to be able to work alongside the creatives and shoot ideas back and forth gave the overall presentation a more integrated personality. Also, it was interesting to see that Mother agency doesn’t have an accounts team. They feel it wasn’t necessary to have a middle man. If someone wanted to talk to a creative, they should be able to. If the client wanted to talk to the expert, they should be able to. This method does up the amount of work that everyone has to pick up along the way, but it’s an interesting concept and proves to be working.

Also quick update, after weeks of deliberation, research, professional advice, and contemplating, I’ve decided to accept an internship with 180/Riot Amsterdam come this January. It was heart wrenching to decline CP&B, but I feel there will be an opportunity down the line to attempt to rejoin the CP&B team once I mature my planning IQ and obtain the ranking of a planner. I had multiple reasons for going with 180, but basically I wanted to be among the international scene, and Amsterdam is globally known to be the epicenter of international diversity. I would be working with a smaller planning team both for 180 and Riot (180’s digital arm), and have a higher potential for a junior position afterward. Seeing as we’re still amidst the recession, the possibility of a job became quite enticing.

Also, the advice gathered from other planners helped to set things into perspective. Apparently once you’ve reached the level of an account planner, doors will be opened to you, headhunters will be tagging you, and basically the world becomes your oyster. It’s getting there that is the obstacle. So just find a means to get in and make your mark.

I’m pretty ecstatic about starting at 180 seeing as they’re having some major reconstructing by taking on Al Mosoley and Kevin Dundas to help head up 180. The future of 180 looks bright and I hope this decision pays off. Now just got to kick some ass and take down names. Game face on, but for now, time to soak up some LA sunshine and mexican food, shaaZAM!


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