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Taking a leisurely stroll around amsterdam on a sunny friday afternoon, I decided to take a walk through Elandsgract. I pass by a typical independent clothing store (Jefferson Hotel) then I do a double take. What do I see? Sneakers priced at 24,000 euros. Of course curiously I go back in to confirm this outrageous price, impossible. Nope, it actually does cost that amount, but guess what, it comes with a new VW Polo 2010 car. Got cha!
What a unique stunt, that should generate some buzz. Although not entirely sure how many looking for clothes will all of a sudden be compelled to purchase a car, but why not? I myself have not seen a reverse price scheme like this and was quite intrigued. Apparently there are only 50 pairs like this scattered around the world, and the VW is a limited special edition with interior designed by the designer of the shoe, a Hing Yuen, who is part a Chinese art group called Hong Kong Stunt Team.

Suck on that Fukijamas from Entourage.


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