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thought this new iphone app was quite genius and worth mentioning. I always knew since I first saw augmented reality that it was soon going to spew into all categories and industries, just didn’t know how creative they would get. I’ve seen everything from augmented reality flash mobs to augmented reality tattoos. Of course some made sense and some didn’t, but it’s the new trend in technology until they find a way for us to interact functionally with the image itself (i’m sure it’s not a stretch, they would just need some type of censor on the phone as well).

This free iphone app was developed to help promote and educate users by the Museum of London. They’ve basically created a window to the past.

The unfortunate thing is that it’s only for the iphone. Agencies need to start broadening their focus to encompass all other smart phones. It just seems like if there’s ever a phone app to be developed, the whole room would scream “iphone!” at once, and now.. “iPAD!” damnit… just jealous because i don’t have one to play with..


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