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so when the iPad first made it’s scene, there was a lot of slander around how it’s just an enlarged iPhone. I was quick to jump on the band wagon just because the hype felt overwhelming. Basically “hater’s gonna hate” type of syndrome, I guess because I don’t own an iPhone/iPad and would really like one.
However weeks before its release, I realized this iPad can and will start a new wave of creative technology. Ideas started flooding to mind of how the iPad can be used to supplement or even replace everyday items, it’s just a matter of integrating creativity and resources.. then BAM, profits through the roof.

For instance, something as simple as T-pain’s voice synthesizer program , an ingenious app piggybacked on a hot trend, and now T-pain just raked in entrepreneurial points as well as a boat load of profits.

What got me thinking was this video I just came across. A simple idea converted into a functional app, the iElectribe. Awesome…

then I stumbled onto this video which I’m sure most have already seen, but I sense a new musical skill evolving… the iMusician!


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