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This book caught my attention by the way it’s selling itself. As we know word of mouth is one of the most powerful marketing tools out there to spread awareness and is a trusted means of endorsement when it’s coming from your network. So basically, if you want a copy, all you have to do is Tweet or FB post a comment and BAM, you can download the PDF version. Haven’t read through it yet, but thought it was a clever way to narrow in purely on digital word of mouth.

Guess i’m a bit behind, pay by tweet has been there some time. O well. hah

Anyways, it’s about the shift into the digital era:
“This book helps traditional advertising and marketing people master the step into the digital era, providing tools to create campaigns that reach the people of today.
It was not written by a CMO giving expensive seminars and presenting big theories with no solutions, but by a creative team dealing with and living the changes in media every day.”


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