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O shit, this could spell trouble for adidas. This could very well set the standard for the future of gaming, bring together gaming ideas from console’s to sharable social media platforms. Will be very interesting to see how successful this is because from the trailer, it doesn’t look like it could fail.

“Here is a hot off the press trailer for what could just be a look at where the future of social gaming is headed, called I Am Playr, it’s a football based game created by We R Interactive.
I Am Playr will combine a unique mix of online gaming, social integration, interactive videos and story telling through a pretty cool looking first person perspective. The idea is to give players to chance to experience being a football star from that first person perspective, that would include everything from signing the contract, training, scoring goals, partying and more… all with the aim of building up your player value on a global leaderboard.
It launches to private beta in December, and already has Nike as it’s major integrated sponsor. ”


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