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Lately, I’ve divulged myself in a variety of similar documentaries that offer insights into trends and behaviours resulting from an open-source society of information and technology. It seems that no matter the message, the future is going to evolve, for lack of a better pun, fast and furious. As a byproduct, our generation and those following will have an entirely skewed expectation of norms compared to our parents’. Case in point, the 1 year old girl who thinks that a magazine was a broken iPad. This leaves the question, how dramatically will this effect those without access to this new age expectation? Will this create another tier within the lower class? I believe that technological advancements are pushing the pace at which the gap is widening. Trends and ideas catch on so quickly these days that if you snooze for a minute, you’d already be living an anachronistic lifestyle.

Knowledge and skills are now entirely up for grabs for those who have the drive to learn, but how dramatically would that effect the complacent ones? How quickly would the gap between the knowledgable and absentminded grow? If transparency in corporations is becoming more available, will that mean less corruption? More tech-savvy individuals, more digital crimes? Does better medicine and longer lives mean over-crowded societies and depleted resources? There’s always the pros and cons, but it’ll be interesting to see which outweighs the other.

Noteworthy documentaries:
– Press, Pause, Play.
– Influencers.
– A Day in the Life of.
We Are Legion: The Story of Hacktivists
– Networked Society. (Below)


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